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Opportunity Registration

United Holdings is a Dubai-based holding company founded in November 2007; since its inception, the company has positioned itself...


Our Vision

We seek to become a world class investment company providing a prosperous future for our stakeholders by implementing our ‘Process for Success’ thinking.  

Process for Success

Process for success is a proprietary management tool developed and refined by United Holdings. It enables us to identify and allocate opportunities within the organization. Process for Success empowers us in our decision making process offering distinct competitive advantages.  

Sector Reports

Real Estate Sector

United Holdings has capitalized on the share gains presented by the real estate sector. Some of the key drivers in this sector are the availability of land, labour, domestic and foreign capital and a regulatory system fostering economic activity.... Read more...

Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the development of any globally acclaimed city. It has been internationally proven that sustainable infrastructure networks for social development are essential components for growth.... Read more...

Industrial / Manufacturing Sector

The development of indigenous industry is a measure of growth of a country. The Emirate has focused on a gradual shift from labour intensive low technology industries to capital intensive high technology industries.... Read more...

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector in the region is one of the most dynamic areas of the economy set for exponential growth in the next few years. The Middle East has emerged as a viable market attracting a slew of majors in the global arena.... Read more...